The Judgments of the Lord are True and Righteous Altogether

People put up with a lot.

They put up with slavery and Southern arrogance. They put up with Nazi aggression. They put up with Soviet bullshit. They put up with the Inquisition.

And they put up with the modern Left. Not that the thumbscrew and the peine forte et dure are the favorite tortures of Social Justice Warriors, but pro ratamutatis mutandis– the comparison holds.

Until one day they don’t put up with it any more.

It’s true that the Left today still doesn’t get it, but then again, America is still pissed at them and they still have no idea why, so we can expect this to go on for a while.

Looking farther ahead, though, Russia will sooner or later be made to scream with pain for having fucked with us.  Ironically, I doubt they caused all that much.  They might have been the catalyst for the timing of recent events; they might have provoked buried tensions to burst out in 2016, but they didn’t create the tensions.  The Left’s fantasies about how different their form of organized morality was from that of the Moral Majority did that.

Notwithstanding which, I predict that Russia is going to pay a serious, serious price for its actions.  The only questions are, when? and what will the collateral damage be?