Predictions and inversions

I think racism, so called, or rather otherism in general, of which racism is only one form, is only going to increase.


Not because of those nasty ol’ white men, or whoever else opposes the Woke, but because the GOP base has broken with Wall Street. Otherism is entropy, the default state of human beings, and order, or being not otherist, requires a feeling of wealth. The more the cost of living increases, the less wealthy people feel and the less able they are to resist impulses to otherism. Which means– and I know I have made this thesis in the past– that the social left is the natural ally of the economic right. It used to be that this alliance was more or less hidden, but I would argue that its recent slow trend toward revelation has been the wedge driving the rift between the Republican base and Big Business.

Poverty and racism are thus closely linked– but it’s poverty in the sense of how much work is required to solve how many problems, and racism in the sense not of the personal failure of empathy that makes for a good moral-political target, but in the sense of a tidal receding of the economic waters that lifted people to a higher point on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.