A stolen election? No, but…

I think Biden won the election legitimately.


But there was a lot of stench about a lot of the vote, what with some major courts ignoring clearly written laws about deadlines for mail-in voting, for example. Not enough to swing it, but it still indicates that not many people care about the general level of belief in the rule of law or in democracy in general, which vote-cramming like that to maximize a type of vote well known to be disproportionately beneficial to Democrats by people I can only suppose were part of “The Resistance” eroded further.

I think people who think it was stolen are basically convicting those they suppose to be the thieves based on the Pitchfork Effect, also known as the Reverse Halo Effect— that the supposedly guilty parties are the kind of people freaking out so much about Trump that they *would* rationalize cutting corners like that (or gagging Parler, getting social media to kick Trump off and try to suppress “fake news”, “hate speech”, et cetera) based on the desireability of end results, and so, the logic goes, in the absence of evidence of principle-based self-restraint on the part of those parties, they must have.  I don’t agree with the latter, but I can’t completely dismiss the former.  There’s just too much evidence of bias and freakout in the self-importantly, self-named Resistance to grant a Motion To Dismiss.

The real question is, who will the next decade or so prove right?  I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure Big Business will discover that in America, those who side with censorship always lose in the end.