Democracy dies in darkness, indeed

There may be some hope for the Washington Post, since it not only publishes my favorite columnist, Megan McArdle, but also published this— as a farewell, true, so no one can demand he be fired for WrongThink, but still, they did publish it.

As for the content– the guy is obviously quite correct– I never cease to be astonished at the myopia of Progressives. They simply can’t see that the poor don’t serve the rich– poor people overwhelmingly serve other poor people. Nor can they see that a lot of the businesses that employ minimum wage workers or anything close are commodities that can’t pay more for labor without raising prices, or raise prices without either hurting poor people or losing customers and going out of business.

They’re essentially trying to create artificial, de facto, in-the-aggregate ownership of businesses using politics, like unions used to be, but can’t see that in a globalized world, that only works in “resource republics” (and even then not forever, as Venezuelans could attest). By contrast, when most of the value is in labor, applying politics to steal something makes the value vanish.

Basically, it’s the political application of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.