Maslow’s hierarchy of political needs

How do you get people to care about what you’re offering them?

Trump is Teflon.  No accusation, however accurate, of stating falsehoods sticks to him.  Y’know why?

His supporters– and I suspect a high percentage of other Americans– don’t much care whether what he says is factually accurate.

We all know, of course, what the elite would say about that.  Deplorable yada yada yada bitter yada yada yada ignorant.  The elite, however, are idiot savants when it comes to this.

The President is not the 5th grade teacher of his supporters.  There is not going to be a quiz in which if he puts out some statement that isn’t true, and they rely on it, something important to them turns on it.  It’s ironic, but when Barack Obama said “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” it actually had something to do with something that affects their lives– and because “does it affect my life” is the core consideration, that lie– and yes, it was a knowing lie by a sitting President– actually winds up being more significant to ordinary Americans than some stupid Tourette’s-like suggestion that illegal immigrants are rapists.

What the elite are continuing to fail to see is this:  You care about what you feel you can afford to care about.

If you’re part of the “new economy”– information services, startups, Kickstarters, et cetera– you’re pretty well set for life.  Whether you get richer is a matter of whether you can control your spending.  You have the luxury of caring about self-actualization and generosity and society and so on.  Secure in the world, you believe the government and President represent you personally, in some sense, and it upsets you if they say things that aren’t true.

If, on the other hand, you’re part of the old economy– the coal miners, the truck stop diner waitresses, the welders– you’re lower on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  You can’t successfully be offered the things that information workers are offered.  You’re transactional.  You want less immigration, you want less regulation, and you want to hurt the people calling you bad names so that they cut it out.  You want a weapon against the elites, and you don’t much care if the weapon says this or that– because even if you care about what he’s talking about, you believe his words are just words.  Even if you care about what he’s talking about, his words can’t affect the truth about it.