The erratic 9th Circuit throws a curve…for a strike

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, covering most of the far West and Alaska and Hawaii, has a reputation in legal circles as being the source of some of the weirder, daffier legal opinions out there, and one of the most left-wing in general.  Just now, though a 9th Circuit 3-judge panel ruled that the Constitution protects a right to Open Carry firearms.

Why does the anti-gun crowd freak out over legally carrying a gun in public (whether concealed or not)?  What in their minds does banning it accomplish?  People committing crimes are overwhelmingly already criminals, and those committing crimes with guns overwhelmingly obtained the gun illegally.  And yet, somehow, they’ll be stopped or deterred by the ability of law enforcement to charge them with one more crime on top of the main crime?  They’re a lot more likely to be deterred by the possibility of one or more of their victims turning out to be able to shoot them.

But actually accomplishing anything is not the real point.  The point is for people to feel like something is being accomplished.