A modest question

Viewing the bizarre social and political landscape today, a single question, or really, I suppose, three related ones, keeps occurring to me. First:

What is the specific path, the specific set of occurrences, that would need to happen in order for the Left to have its vision fulfilled?

First off, it’s asking a lot to request the Left to settle on a single vision, given that they won’t settle on a single definition for any powerful word, particularly those of their own invention.  You give a mouse a cookie…  But set that aside.  And Trump leaving the White House doesn’t count, because that’s merely the immediate stick in their craw.  I’m thinking along the lines of the country, and even more broadly, the world (given that Brexit was the kickoff) returning to the Left’s values, the Left’s cultural orbit, et cetera, and the reestablishment of the “Global World Order”.  Second:

How probable does the Left think (not feel) it is that those occurrences will really take place?

They pride themselves on their self-bestowed reputation for rationality, after all.  It seems reasonable enough to ask what their path forward is and its chances of occurring.

Imagine the Democrats return to power tomorrow.  (You might as well, since they will sooner or later.  It’s just the nature of politics that no one gets a permanent victory, and it’s amazing to me that no one seems to see this as the best possible argument for compromise.)  Their backbench is in shambles.  The reputation of major interest groups, like education and unions, has never been lower.  Their activists are a laughingstock, calling other people Nazis while arguing for the abolition of the First Amendment, and prompting even some of their own people to #walkaway.  The cultural power of Hollywood has been gutted by the internationalization of filmmaking and by online video.  Their credibility with a large proportion of poor people is shot.


What laws and/or rules can they pass to clamp down control over the country and make sure this sort of thing never happens again?

To me, it seems like they haven’t even reached that question.  They’re still in the Denial stage.