Donald Trump

No one can write a political blog these days without addressing our era’s most salient political personality.

I am not a fan of Trump personally, though I will say I find it difficult to figure out what goes on in his head.  In turn that makes it harder for me to be completely confident in judging him.  I always try to get beneath the surface of things, the better to encompass the world and sharpen my philosophy, but he confounds me that way.

Unlike a vast number of people on the Left, though, I have no problem distinguishing what I think of him from what I think of his actions as President so far, or from what I think of the 2016 election and what it means.  Of which, more anon.  It speaks volumes of the Left’s worldview that they can’t differentiate the two– that they personalize the Presidency so much that having Trump in it is like having their finger stuck in an electrical outlet.  Is being able to care that much about a President’s personal characteristics an effect of the cultural and political hegemony they’ve enjoyed for some decades now?  Political wealth leads to political luxury, I guess– and a redefinition of political poverty.